Empower Soul: Emotional and Spiritual Guidance.

This is a spiritual and emotional self-help place.

This innovative site aims to help people to get in touch with their soul, to get to know who they are, and to help them understand emotional truths. That enables them to understand the steps that they may need to take on their paths, and prepare and not be afraid of it. 🥰


Empower-Soul provides different ways to help yourself, heal yourself, empower yourself.

Offered here is spiritual counsel and emotional guidance.  On these pages you will find advice and guidance in getting past heartbreak. The sun will shine again. 🌞

Help in finding your true path.

Do not copy, reproduce, distribute or store any part of this website in any way.

I offer various services as well as the articles available on this site. There are free articles and there is the option to subscribe, for access to a whole lot more. I offer counselling-by-email, Reiki and readings.

On the Reading page, a person can request a reading from me at a small cost. For people who are interested, the readings are spiritual, and include astrology, numerology and energy. I am an accomplished and skilled natural reader. Your reading will be delivered by email.

Currently available – incisive, edgy poetry books. Exciting original poems.

Available here.

More 📖 to follow.

This website also has its own accompanying books. All the content of this site, and much more valuable text, will be available when it is ready.

The site and its books seek to help empower individuals by showing you the tools you naturally possess as human beings, to move toward living the life of your own choice, making independent decisions that free you from obligation and dependence and allow you to grow.

There is another way – yourself. If we trust our true soul feelings, our conscience, we will always do the right thing.

It may seem long, it may at times seem wrong. You wonder why, where have you gone wrong? But faith will help you, knowing that all that happens is for your ultimate benefit. There is a lesson in everything.

On the edge of change, we sometimes have the tendency to look outside of ourselves for pointers, for direction. Empower-soul.com serves as that pointer which points inward. You know your own way.

This image ☝🏼is a magnificent tree against a sunrise, which symbolises the eternal tree of life 🌳and the hope of a new day. This site is aligned with the idea of helping people to find their inner compass, which guides them on their personal tree of life. 🌎


The page at the end of this site offers astrological, numerological and intuitive readings, for those who are interested in that. Please note the details required for a reading, and payment is via PayPal.

Also offered here is distance Reiki healing for animals and also for humans. Please use the contact page to book a session. Payment will be via a donation of £10.


This site emerged from crises. Times where I felt that I could see nothing, and my spirit called out for help, only to find that I was the only one there.

It is our choice, a realization that we make.We have that choice.

Therefore my offerings are completely genuine, and my help completely sincere and on the level.


This website is ad-free. It is run and financed by its author, Jessie Shier.

Not in it for the Money!

I am not a fan of and don’t use traditional book publishers on purpose. That is because these books are not designed with the purpose of fitting a current trend. The Empower-Soul books’ purpose is to help and my poetry books have their own purpose.

I have designed the entirety of each book, and the covers and their images are their own poem and expression of each book’s essence. I edit them myself because I know what they want to express.

Therefore my books are published by me: J Shier. And are copyrighted by the UK Copyright Service.


Furthermore, I use a print-on-demand service, which means that a book is printed only after it has been ordered, so that no waste is created by printing books that won’t get bought.

Minimal resources are used in the printing and creation of my books.

I design every part of my books, which are works of art in their entirety. The covers are a part of the theme of each book. Each book is an artistic creation in its entirety, created for its own sake, and with very minimal resources and carbon footprint.


Jessie Shier ©

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All pictures, photographs and art works used on this site are created and owned by the site’s author. If you would like to know more, please use the contact page. 🌞

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