About me

I am Jessie Shier. I’m a Writer. I created this site and accompanying book series. I am the creator and founder of the brand which is named Empower-Soul, and other websites which bear my name as author, available on the Links page.

The purpose of this site and the series of books is to help people who are in a place where such help might be useful, even needed.

Life circumstances dictate how you are.

Judging someone is pointless.

If you were there, you may be similar. And they may be judging you.

The true character in its full potential isn’t known unless the circumstances are free and close to perfect, and all negative inhibitions and false beliefs have been stripped away.
Any worry, anxiety or inhibitions are going to impact the character’s expression. And all of society, upbringing, etc, all impact to influence expression of the character.
Few people are able to fully express their true character. We are in development.
Sometimes it appears warped, but it is all the attempted expression of our personality character under those circumstances, as we are at the time. Across time, we grow.

People try to express in arts, lifestyle choices, fashions, identities, following others who embody what they aren’t expressing yet.

It is all a desire to know ourselves and express ourselves. This is a wonderful journey.


A soul doesn’t need a step by step instructional manual.

Only sometimes, a place like this, can be a door opener.

Some things are said, and much is not said. It will happen behind the words, in the person as they are ready.