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Inherent Self-worth: potential for freedom to find it : – Read about the future of work and how technology can impact the human experience.

Empowering Us: Freeing Yourself From Disempowering Relationships :- Read about how to become free from relationships that are not serving your real purpose.

https://empower-soul.com/undeveloped-land-vital-to-tigers-survival/ :- Read about how the survival of tigers depends on their ability to find each other across undisturbed corridors of wilderness.

https://empower-soul.com/how-do-typhoons-impact-tropical-coasts-when-the-mangrove-forests-have-gone/ :- Read how the regions around the tropics have been affected by mass removal of mangrove forests, and how some people are trying to replant them.

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Many of the articles that are available without subscription were written by Jessie Shier as part of academic study programmes at university, and are about environmental matters.

Most of my articles are spiritual and offer spiritual and emotional uplift, as well as practical suggestions.

Most articles can be accessed by subscription.

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I believe people are drawn to a place when that place offers something which will help them in their true life mission, given by God.

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