Aspects of Climate Change – Perspectives that Affect Action

Clear Thinking vs Conspiracy

By Jessie Shier on Sunday, 5 Dec 2021

Conspiracy theories about climate change can cause doubt and raise questions about the findings and recommendations that climate scientists present. Though questions are important, it can, in this instance, act as a brake in a situation that requires urgent action. These theories have the power to divide people and therefore prevent unified action. This could result in decision makers taking a more minor decision direction, which isn’t effective enough, as the decision makers try to please as many people as possible in their personal/party’s quest for popularity and re-election.

The conspiracy theories also have the effect of creating stigma around scientists and groups who make the claim that the situation is urgent; creating the idea that there are ‘fanatics’ or that there is an ‘agenda’ can influence some people to turn away due to the doubt.

These stalling tactics can be very financially lucrative for those who stand to gain from the total exploitation of fossil fuels, but could result in extremely undesirable circumstances for human society at large.

Forest, Siberia
Climate Emergency, by Jessie Shier ©, all rights reserved.