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Here are the books currently available associated with this site, and others by Jessie Shier – click to check the site.

Empower-Soul Series

Soul Truths

The first in the series of spiritual and emotional self-help books.

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Soul Transform

The second in the Empower-Soul series of soul books.

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_______more to come_______

Poetry series – incisive, different and distinctive poems and art.


You Wear My Silver Ponies

A collection of more than 100 original poems and odes, some with original drawings, all by Poet Jessie Shier. They express emotions ranging from sadness and regret, to love, to confusion in sometimes fantastical stories.

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Beast The Hero: Letting The Monster Out

Original, edgy and incisive poems written from different perspectives about life and the journey through it.

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Opportunity’s Sands

More progressive poems with artist’s drawings.

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A world of maritime rhyme and slants on life, war, resistance and society.

Do you dare to read them?

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Monster’s Monkeys

Heart-rending. Profound. Moving. Connected.

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Some poems in all books come with original art.

_____ more to come_____

Watch this space for Empower-Soul books and more poetry books. They will arrive shortly. 🐌🐌🐌🐌

All poetry books are copyrighted, Jessie Shier, 2012.

Empower-Soul series of books is copyrighted, Jessie Shier, 2017.

The purpose here is to help. Please respect.

Jessie Shier ©JS©.

I am Jessie Shier, Author, Poet and the founder of this website and of its series of Empower-Soul books.

Its purpose is to act as a signpost, or support, that helps to enable people to find their authentic self, their inner strength that can help them to start making choices that serve their true life purpose.

We are all free. Inherently and divinely free. It is my wish to help people know that truth, and the basis that it is for everything else.

I don’t use traditional book publishers on purpose. That is because these books are not designed with the purpose of fitting a current trend. The Empower-Soul books’ purpose is to help and my poetry books have their own purpose. Another main reason is that I have designed the entirety of each book, and the covers and their images are their own poem and expression of each book’s essence. I edit them myself because I know what they want to express. Therefore my books are published by me: J Shier. And are copyrighted by the UK Copyright Service.


A soul doesn’t need a step by step instructional manual. Only sometimes, a place like this, can be a door opener.

Some things are said, and much is not said. It will happen behind the words, in the person as they are ready.