Jessie’s Reiki Healing for Animals

All animal species.

If you would like to book a Reiki healing session for an animal, you can do so here. It is available for any animal at all. Anywhere in the world.

This, too, can be done by distance as well as in-person. Reiki is universal healing energy that transcends time and space. It is equally as effective across distance, any distance. Sometimes it can be more effective across distance because the animal is comfortable and not curious or stressed by different people/places.

I am a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner as well as a Reiki Master. I am also able to incorporate crystal healing and angel healing into the session.

It will be conducted across distance because Reiki, being universal life energy, is unimpeded by distance and is as effective across vast distances as it is in person.

Please contact me via the contact page to book a time for the session and I will need to know a few details about the animal. I will ask for a payment of £10 to be made via the PayPal donation link at the bottom of this page, above the images. Once a one-time payment of £10 has been received, I will proceed with the session at the agreed time.

I will email you all the details and information you need in order to help the session be as effective as possible. The effects of Reiki are lasting,

Reiki can be used alongside vets’ help for the physical and can be used to help an animal’s emotional and behavioural issues as well, and improve the animal’s confidence. It can also enhance an animal’s already good health and it can calm.

My Reiki practice is high quality and I operate to very high ethical standards. With God’s blessings, we can all prosper.

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