Jessie’s Reiki by Distance

If you would like to book a distance Reiki session with me, you can do so here.

Jessie, Reiki Master.

I am a certified Reiki Master and I can also include crystals and angels, if you wish. Reiki is effective and lasting. It can help with any aspect of life. Distance is no impediment to the process because it is universal life energy: time and distance are irrelevant to it. Therefore a distance session is as effective as an in person session. Sometimes Reiki is more effective across distance because the receiving person is able to be relaxed and comfortable, and not curious or distracted by people or places. It can occur where the person is willing to be and feels best.

All Are Welcome!

My Reiki sessions are inclusive. All people are welcome! Every gender, every race, every nationality, every socio-economic background, every circumstance, every location. It is individuals that I help. There is no judgment here, only acceptance. My prices are low because this service is real, and is affordable.

Please use the contact page to book a session with me. I will ask for payment via the PayPal donation link at the bottom of this page below the image, and it will cost £10 per session, so please remember to alter the amount in the donation box to £10, if necessary. Once this is received, the arranged booking will be confirmed.

Thank you and I look forward to your custom.

Heads Up

If you are looking for a healer, always listen to your instinct about the person you are considering. A genuine spiritual energy healer and/or emotional healer should have undergone a good part of their own personal healing process. And that means that they should have faced their demons, their shadow side, their conditioning. This is an arduous, profound, deeply personal and long-winded process. It is basically a stripping. It is decided and administered by God. It is also deeply private. But a healer who has not done this will not be fully in touch with their soul self. Therefore, it is possible that their ego self can get in the way. Trust your instincts.

They also should have a level of understanding about the physics of what is happening when they use energetic healing techniques. Beware of ones who say it is ‘unknowable’ or that they ‘don’t know’. This is not magic. There are metaphysical explanations. Neither is it ‘too difficult’ for the ‘average person’ to understand. —Seek out a healer who has enough education and understanding to be able to help you to understand how they are helping you.—-

Trust your instincts.

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