Meditation and Movement

Self-Healing with Meditation

The mind operates out of the conditioning and programming it received throughout life, from all of its experiences and perceptions and itself, as well as whatever is received from the soul. As it develops toward self-actualisation, it becomes better at sorting its perceptions and making its decisions. Practising meditation can help us be in touch with ourselves, cultivate self-awareness and improve our thinking to take us further towards maturity.

It is beneficial to help the mind be calm and present, in order to feel calm and therefore be able to make better decisions for ourselves. Meditation can be very powerful in calming turbulent emotions and a worried mind.

Guided meditations provide an easy way to try to get in touch with your deeper self and calm down. Later, you may want to meditate by simply being, quietly with yourself and allowing yourself to feel what comes naturally.

Meditation can be likened to prayer, since we are more connected to our deeper selves while doing it.



Physical movement, such as any type of dancing, yoga, tai chi, or any type of choreographed movement is a moving meditation, and will facilitate energy balancing.

Movement is the release of energy from our bodies.

When we have energy blockages, it is possible to release that energy from that place by allowing spontaneous movement. It can happen during a moving meditation, such as during yoga or qigong, or it can happen while we are stationary and decide to allow that energy to release.

Simply focus on the area where you feel it and consciously allow that it be released.

It can release itself by means of an involuntary twitch, or some other random movement. Simply allow the excess energy to go. And then continue your medtiation.

Tension is an energy blockage. It is when you haven’t been able to process something and your body is storing it until you are able to process it or release it.

Processing it means facing it and being completely honest about your feelings in connection to it. Doing this gives you the possibility of learning, of growth, of wisdom.

Physical releasing of the energy will remove the block so that you can move forward into the processing more easily. Releasing it sets you free from its hold. Sometimes we may not be able to process it consciously; it might not be clear to us exactly what the issue is, or it might be difficult. But once the energy is released, your subconscious mind will step through and do the processing. Eventually you will find more clarity. If you are able to think through these causes of tension, this will facilitate development of your solar plexus chakra. This leads you to your inner authentic self.

Movement techniques will also strengthen the body in a gentle and balancing way, leading to increased self confidence and better health.

The release of trapped or excess energy by spontaneous movement and/ or movement techniques like qigong or dance, will facilitate your spiritual balancing by helping you to release emotions that may be holding you back in life.

Having the intention to improve yourself like this is the greatest first step in empowering your soul and finding your life’s true path.

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