Motivation is Emotional

Motivation to do things is rooted in the emotional being. Just liking something, or being interested in something, is not sufficient to provide motivation. Motivation is deeply rooted. To be consistent, it requires emotional confidence and a level of self sufficiency, having had enough of one’s emotional needs met. 

A great many people have not, and are not sufficiently motivated to pursue things, and to achieve things that they are capable of. 

This is one of the misconceptions that perpetuates snobbery and arrogance about achievements that those who have not suffered, have been able to achieve.

Admiring someone who has experienced nothing but open opportunities and support and been enabled, is focusing on the wrong thing, when at the same time someone who has not had opportunities is treated with less respect.

When those who struggle with motivation, achieve, it is a bigger achievement, as they have come farther to achieve the same. This should be recognised.

Every individual is at their own level of personal development, and comparison is pointless. Each achievement is a cause for celebration.

However, when a person is prevented from achieving to their current potential by others, this is a type of evil. It is oppression. It serves nobody, but only the fear in the ones who oppress, and their fear is based in illusion.

Everybody, and all the Earth in its energetic frequency, is uplifted by even one individual achieving one step in their personal development.

Life’s trials can wear us down, the judgements of others, negativity, opportunity or financial poverty, worry.. all act as a drag on our energetic frequencies. It takes awareness and conscious effort to overcome these mental tendencies.

Emotional tiredness, or sadness, or other, removes motivation no matter how interested you are. 


Oppression, discrimination, bullying, gaslighting, exclusion, sexism, racism, etc… all cause suffering at the emotional level, interfering with or removing the individual’s motivation to reach their potential.

It’s much better to respect each other, give others the space to creatively breathe, not take from them or impose on them, but smile at their achievements while working to find our own true core. There’s no need to stand under someone else’s creation. We each have the spirit.

It needs inputs to survive.