Energy Healing


All of life is energy. The power to help your healing by your own energy is yours, and available to be used in your own hands. In the centre of your palms is located The Palace of Toil, according to ancient Celtic teachings. This power can be used to help with emotional and spiritual healing as well as physical healing, as an aid to other treatments if they are needed.

You should make efforts to relax and cultivate positivity within yourself, releasing negative thoughts and feelings by noticing and acknowledging them, then deciding to let them go. Visualise your negativity floating away from yourself, to dissipate and reform into something more useful for the universe.

After releasing this excess energy, if negative feelings and thoughts are left over, try to think through them, to understand why they are there. Be honest about this. Tell the truth to yourself. You are a being complete unto yourself, a castle, and inside yourself, you don’t owe anybody any pretences. Proper reasoning through of these kinds of feelings and thought patterns can cause them to be transmuted into wisdom and strength if you are able to be totally honest about them.

Release any negativity you have picked up from others – you don’t need it. Let it go. The key to doing all this is total honesty with yourself.

When you feel ready, have the intention in your mind to heal what you need.

For a few minutes each, or for as long as you feel is necessary, hold your hands in these poses over the areas shown in the picture below, or even on the area on your body, or in your energy field, you want to help. You don’t have to close your eyes; you can if you want to.

The picture below relates to the 7 chakras, the main energy centres within the body. They are the energy vortices of your soul within the body, radiating from one point outward and working in pairs, as well as alone and all with each other, balancing the being. This is the sacred spiral. It goes up and down the spine as well as spiraling out like the Milky Way. Constant, dynamic movement that gives and receives simultaneously. Each energy centre is also like the universe, spinning and spiral, full of vibration.

These instructions start from the heart chakra. The heart and the solar plexus work in a pair, and are your deepest self, where your vocation, your purpose and your true self can be found. The sacral and throat chakras are a pair and where your knowing is, your wisdom. The crown and root chakras are a pair and these are your life: physically, spiritually. They are your warmth, your existence here.

This is the ancient Celtic belief.

The third eye chakra is the meeting place of all the lines of energy of all the other chakras that are you. The third eye is the culmination of your current self. It is the castle that you look out of and the true perspective that you currently hold. Healing and balancing the chakras can therefore cause a shift in perspective, if the person is ready.

Sometimes people prefer to start with the base chakra and work upwards. The base chakra is the foundation of all that is manifest in you in the physical world. It is important to come from a strong foundation. Each chakra is a reflection of, like a mirror, and a partner to, its pair. All the chakras should be balanced, so that the person can find balance within themselves and can move toward healing. It is your choice which one you start from. Follow your instinct.

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Human Energy Centres

Beginning at the heart – the centre of your being, from where you radiate out through all the energy points – instructions for chakra self-healing: 

1 – Place your hands over the centre of your chest. This relates to the heart chakra. This is your place of balance. It is where love is. This is self-love and self-acceptance, which is the prerequisite for connection with others. Hence, it relates to your ability to be genuine and compassionate. Its nature is air: it is expansive and forms the breath of life.




2 – Place your hands at the base of the rib cage, below the breast bone, at the place of the higher stomach. This is the area of the solar plexus. Here is your reasoning centre and the place of your self-confidence and willpower. It is like fire: the personal will burns wih passion and heat.


Solar Plexus


3 – Place your hands at the base of the throat. This relates to the throat chakra. Here is your communication channel, between your heart and your head, and between yourself and the world. It also relates to belief. And your ability to communicate truth, and make decisions for yourself. Its nature is sky: when you communicate truthfully, your ideas are vast and clear. The condition of your sky relates to your level of truthfulness with yourself: your relationship with yourself.




4 – Place your hands over the navel. This is where the sacral chakra is situated. This is the seat of your emotions and your creativity, and conscience. It is like water: emotions move like water throughout your being, and the depth of them shows you who you are.




5 – Place your hands lightly on the top of your head, fingertips overlapping. This is the place where the crown chakra is. This is the place where you connect to the cosmos. Its nature is spirit: higher consciousness and universal understanding is here. It is your connection to your soul, and to all that is.




6 – Place your hands over the pelvic region. This relates to the root or base chakra, situated at the base of the spine. This is where you connect to trust regarding your ability to survive, and your connection with this Earth. Its nature is earth: it is where you become solid, strong, and able to express yourself as a physical being.




7– Place your hands over your face with only the fingertips gently touching the forehead. This relates to the brow chakra, and also will help the entire face. The brow chakra is the seat of your intuition and insight – the integration of all of your energies. You as you are at this time is revealed to you through your third eye.




Further –

Place hands just below the collar bone and above the breast bone. This is the place of the high heartchakra. This is where you are able to connect feelings to reality: emotional intelligence.



Place each hand over each ear, cupping. There are energy points across the ear that relate to all parts of the body. This position can bring soothing comfort.

Place your hands on each hip. This allows the healing energy from your hands to travel throughout your legs, feet and hips. Leave them there as long as you feel you need to.

Hips and legs


Place one hand on one knee and the other on the ankle of the same leg. Then repeat on the other leg. This connects with the energy that circulates through the entire legs.

Place a hand on each foot. There are energy points across the sole of the foot that also relate to all parts of the body.


Placing your hands either singly or together on any area of yourself that you want to heal will provide comfort and soothing energy.


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