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I am a qualified Parapsychologist/Astrologer, Reiki Master and a mystic intuitive. I offer unique readings for people who are interested in that.

I can help you to find your right way, by helping you interpret the signs that are in your birthchart and name.

Your birthchart and birth name, palm markings and other things, are divine maps of who you are this time. It is by God’s grace if and when they are revealed. If you are searching and have found yourself here, read on.

My tools include –

  • Astrology,
  • Numerology,
  • Aura/colour and Intuitive.

I have been studying Astrology and Parapsychology and doing readings since I was 9 years of age. This is around 36 years. I am therefore very experienced and knowledgable. People say that my readings are very accurate, with incisive insights into the nature, and my predictions have always come true! This is so.

A reading will include – numerology using your birth name, astrology using your date and time of birth, and my Aura and Intuitive reading.

I call it a Three reading because it includes three aspects. It costs £7. It will be one – two pages long.

The numerology and astrology aspects will give you insight into your own life path and tendencies.

This is not comparable with ‘psychic readings’. My readings will not answer superficial questions.

My readings are conducted to a very high ethical standard. The price is low because these readings are real; their purpose is to help and they are based on ancient sciences and real gifts. This is a tangible service that has its roots in the ancient past and teachings, the ancient spirituality and sciences. I use astrology and numerology. My intuition guides the way.

You must be 18+ to receive a reading.

Please contact me for more information.

These are unique readings that will help you with self-understanding and give you pointers for direction. 🌞


You can use the contact page to send details (*note below) and pay here:-

A Three reading, click here – ☄️


* What to send:-

Please send both these.

For numerology, it is required to send your full birth name as shown on your birth certificate.

For astrology, it is required to send your date, time, and place of birth. (Or just date and place, if the time is unknown).


I will reply to your message. Usually, the reading can be complete within 2-3 days.


Alternatively, you can make a donation of £7 via the donation area on the Home page of this site, using the PayPal donation link. £7 is the fee for this reading, whether it is paid by my PayPal link or via the donation area.



You were right, in what you said, about me.” Elaine, Bridgend.

“It’s very accurate, very true. You got it spot on.” Tina, Merthyr Tydfil.


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