The Universe

The universe is not external. The external world is a holographic projection. The universe is inside us.
It is only us. It is only us that has any meaning.
Everything external is meaningless, the only meaning it has is the meaning it has to us.
What we don’t process stays in our subconscious and our body mind brings our focus to it again and again. We see some of it as synchronicities.

Perhaps some synchronicities are the angelic realm calling our attention, in order to remind us, help us, guide us… It doesn’t matter because we know the meaning and purpose in our core selves. It’s a matter of being willing to go with the flow. That makes it easier.

I am of this Earth. So I know what time it is every minute, and I know where I am directionally. My being is where the feeling is. My brain can direct me to look at a clock when my body knows there is a repeating number on the time in that instant. Perhaps in order to communicate with me that there is something I need to pay attention to, or guide me. Perhaps in order to reinforce a belief I need to have in order to emotionally or psychologically survive. Where there is a need for faith to be reinforced, my brain and body can cause me to look at the correct moment to see synchronicites. Even if the clock is wrong, I know it is wrong, and my brain and body mind is capable of calculating and making me look at he right time.

All connected.

When I am thinking a thought, I can find my gaze directed to something, that somehow communicates to me, and that event can help me understand that the thought I was thinking was the right one. It can help me move into higher frequency thoughts.

Synchronicities are the things we haven’t processed or worked on yet. They are things we need to do. They get our attention and draw us in with feelings of awe and attachment. Because why would we do it otherwise if it’s going to be unpleasant? That’s one of the ego’s purposes: to lead us into processing, and enable us.

There is no external world. That’s why it feels empty. That’s why it felt empty and banal without him. Because he is my soul’s friend and there is love. And that – us, souls – is all there is.

We are all connected through love. Your soul’s friends can show you the way, open the door and let you experience it. They make it easier because your heart opens to them because of the love and safety that connects you to them. But, that love is actually always everywhere. We only don’t perceive it because our heart chakras are not open until we are reminded of love, and feel safe.

Life, and its mysterious source.